About Me

My name is Krishnamurti Martins Costa, aka Antropus. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I discovered my interest in computer graphics as a teenager, using an Amiga computer. Years later, I created my first models on a DX2 66Mhz PC, using 3D Studio 3.0 for DOS. This was back in 1993. I never stopped producing CG art since then.

Recently hired as Senior Digital Artist at Industrial Light + Magic (ILM), in San Francisco, California, my film career ranges from “Barnyard: The Movie” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” to the upcoming “Rango” (2011) and “Transformers: The Dark of the Moon” (2011). For the Academy Award winning “Pan’s Labyrinth” I worked as character animator and facial rigger, also doing some additional modeling and texturing.

To work at ILM is a long time dream coming true and a great honor to be part of this amazingly inspiring team.

My personal career includes wins in three editions of the CGSociety Challenges, some of the most prestigious competitions of their kind on the internet. I won the 3D grand prize in both MachineFlesh 2004 and Master & Servant 2005, also winning as best modeler in the latest B-Movie Challenge.

I’m also the founder and co-owner of one of the biggest Brazilian CG communities, 3D4ALL.org, with over 30.000 registered users today. 3D4ALL.org was created with the intention of mentoring artists, revealing their talents and providing a friendly space to share resources and useful information related to CG and illustration enthusiasts.

Graduation: 5th year Bachelor’s in Fine Arts – UnB – Brasília – Brazil

Hobbies: CG, music, movies, photography, sculpture, videogame/emulators

Favorite toolset: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Modo

Music: Classical, Progressive Rock/Metal, Classic Rock, some world music, some Pop and MPB music

Games:Tony Hawk Pro Skater Series, racing games, classic arcade games, first person shooters

Food: Sushi, Chinese, Italian, Churrasco (Brazilian barbecue), some Greek, ice cream

Movies:Pan’s Labyrinth, Being John Malkovich, Blade Runner, Brazil, Fight Club, Amadeus, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Iron Giant, Amelie, Inception, all Monthy Python movies,, almost all Woody Allen movies and all the ones with great VFX.

To Jessica (and family) for your love, support and for being the mom of our baby. You’re amazing and a gorgeous woman who I’m in love with, constantly.
God. You are and always was my support and inspiration. I love you with all of my heart and my soul. Thanks for everything!
Everybody at ILM, everyone at Lucasfilm Animation for the amazing time I had while working over there, everybody at CafeFX, Mr. Steve Oedekerk and Crew (@Omation Studios), Ofer Alon, Jaime Labelle and Ryan Kingslien (@Pixologic), Keridan Elliott, CGTalk/CGNetworks, CGChannel, 3DTotal, Raph. Celinha (thank you for everything), Zeluca, Marcus Eurício (in memorian), Lobão, Ítalo and Elvis for the friendship, incentive and daily laughs. Romeu Kreutz and Cristiane, for the friendship. Alexandre Militão, for the pictures on the Sculptures session. To Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera and so many others for all the inspiration. To all traditional and/or digital artists, from the past and present, always a great inspiration. All of those who seem to enjoy my work 🙂

I would like to dedicate my whole body of work to my parents Geraldo Costa and Godiva Martins Costa. They loved their lives and passed away so young: him at age of 32, her at 55. You are the responsible and my biggest inspiration, always! You are always alive in my dreams and in my heart. I love you.