• – a collection of 20 Photoshop custom brushes I’ve created to use in my works. You will find brushes for fur, dirty and wet stuff, craquelure, finger prints among others. To install it, open photoshop and under the brush settings window click the arrow and choose “Load Brushes…”.Tips: try different colors for background and foreground because most of the brushes use both colors to produce variations. Most of the brushes are directional and/or pressure sensitive. For the fur brushes, start with darker tones and add lighter layers on top of it to get the best results. Just try different ways to use it and have fun!ps.: tested only in Photoshop CS2


  • – this is the custom interface I created for my ZBrush 2.0. I’m sorry to say that it works perfectly only at 1920×1200 or higher resolutions. Need ZMapper, Displacement Exporter and ZAppLink plugins installed, as you can see in the picture :)Sample:

  • – some skin/clay shaders + GI light for ZBrush. Just import the light under the light menu and the material under material menu. Turn on the shadows and hit render. Have based on Sokar’s skin shader / light, posted at ZBrushCentral time ago.

  • – a collection of 8 custom alphas created to help adding skin details to your models in ZBrush. Just import it under the alpha menu and have fun.Samples: