warcraft71Warcraft was a great project to work on. A great team of artists and supervisors were on it, so it was a really fun project all around.

Although the movie wasn’t greatly accepted in the US, it was a success overseas, so I hope we will have the chance to make another one of those.

This was an unusual project for me because I was called later on, when many characters had been/were being developed already. I was called to either start *almost* from scratch (Draka, Caged FrostWolf) or remodel and improve  sculptures done by others, some very extensively (Gul’dan, Scarred Fighter, female Draenei).

Here is what I did in this one:

– Draka – the main digital female orc in the movie. I was responsible for modeling her body/face, ZBrush fine detail work and for doing 3D concepts during development. I didn’t model her body accessories, done by other artists

– Gul’dan – the main bad guy in the movie. This model was originally started by another artist, but I remodeled him extensively, especially his face, until his final form that you see in the movie. I also did all the ZBrush fine detail work on face/body. At the end it was team work, as it is always.
Body accessories, back spikes and clothes were not modeled by me.

– Caged FrostWolf – it made a brief appearance in the movie, but it was very fun to model him, because of his very exaggerated and stylized features. Once again, I was only responsible for his body/face/ZBrush work, with accessories modeled by other artists.

– Scarred Fighter and Female Draenei – secondary characters I modeled, starting with models initially modeled by other artists. The fighter was specially fun to work on because just like the Caged FrostWolf, he too had many exaggerated features, especially the extreme scars, which I added in ZBrush, together with the rest of the fine detail surface work.


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  1. Everything in this movie is impressive! The amount of details, the models, the cloth and acessories dynamics, renderings itself, muscle motions inside, everything so realistic and perfect. Congratulations for this top work!

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