Transformers: Age of Extinction

trans4_016Another fun one to work on. Thanks to my supervisor Rene Garcia and all other artists, supervisors, managers, production people and tech guys for making this possible.

Here’s what I did on this one:

– Lockdown – the main “bad guy” in the movie. I was responsible for modeling his face/head. Additional helmet armor and the rest of the body were modeled by other artists..

– Hound – the “chubby” Autobot soldier. I modeled everything except the hero guns and additional accessories, modeled by Brady Parell.

– Grimlock (knight) – I modeled most of the panels that cover his body. Later, a few of those panels were tweaked by other artists, adding spikes to them as per director’s request.
I didn’t model his head and additional gears/accessories/skeleton. The T-Rex shoulder pieces were re-used from Grimlock in dinosaur form, modeled by Rene Garcia.

– Brains – the little annoying robot with the blue fiber optics hair. Modeled him entirely, starting from a rough model.

– Drift and Crosshairs – I didn’t build those assets. I was only responsible for the final sculpting pass on their faces, to get them to look closer to the concept art.

– Caged Alien – the only 100% organic creature in the show (other than the dinosaurs) – I modeled the creature, later detailed and textured by Martin Murphy, who also tweaked its teeth based on later request.



  1. Valeu Cesar!!! 🙂

  2. Ha! Ha quanto tempo heim Fernandão? Valeu por passar por aqui e um grande abraço!!! 🙂

  3. Tu já era gênio e agora como devo adjetivá-lo? Rs! Muito Sucesso meu saudoso amigo! Abraço.

  4. Cesar Paiva

    Excelente trabalho! Muito inspirador. Pacific Rim realmente está incrível… impossível não comentar.

    Keep Going!

  5. Muito obrigado, Ademir! Um Feliz Natal e Ano Novo para você e a família também! 🙂

  6. Ademir Goulart de Campos

    Kris, sem palavras para elogiar o teu trabalho…..beira a perfeição…. como todos os outros…..o trabalho que mais me impressionou foi o de “Pacific Rim”…..Incrível mesmo……um forte abraço e Boas Festas para ti e tua família.

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