Pacific Rim

pacrim-20Working with Guillermo again was a total blast. He is truly one of a kind.
I hope you enjoyed the movie as much as we enjoyed making it!

his was the second project I worked at ILM where I was able to do both hard surface and organic/creature modeling.Here’s the work I did on this one:

– Otachi – the winged female Kaiju – Model/ZBrush/Blendshapes
– Gipsy Danger – the main robot – I modeled most parts of the head, torso and back. This model was built by at least 4 modelers.
– Striker Eureka – the second main robot – I established the form and modeled most of the body parts and structure. Head, back rockets and hands were not modeled by me. Again, at least 4 people touched this model.

I also modeled:
– Everything you see in the tunnel that leads to the “Kaiju underworld”
– The “cocoons” you see organized in rings in the underground world
– Some of the platforms where the aliens stand in the underground
– The giant robot hand where Pentecost stands during his speech
– The platform where the Alien operator sits during the flashback shots
– The little alien arms that work as a machine that “prints out Kaijus” (I didn’t model the Kaiju itself) during the flashback shots
– The Skull temple start model, later beautifully finished by the Matte Paint department
– Scunner’s face burn/scar ZBrush work
– Otachi’s creepy tongue/acid gland for the subway shot
– Gipsy’s leg damage shapes during it’s final battle


  1. Muito obrigado pela mensagem, Marcelo! Saudosa Santa Maria… um dia eu apareço por lá 🙂
    Grande abraço.

  2. Já ouvi muitas historias suas aqui em santa maria com os funcionários do banco do brasil e amigos.

    Cito você nas minhas palestras sobre animação nas escolas e sou grande admirador do seu trabalho.

    Possuo pequeno estúdio de animação digital na cidade de santa maria.

    Grande abraço e sucesso sempre!!!

  3. raj

    you are an inspiration. i just can’t imagine how you would feel when you see your model being of so importance in the movie. you are a true master. keep inspiring. 🙂

  4. Marcelo

    Fala krishnamurti, beleza? Cara.. vc era estudante da UNB em Brasília?

  5. Thank you Brodie!

  6. Anything WIP has to be authorized by the studio(s), so more likely not. There are a few making-of videos online though!

  7. Stunning stuff as usual Kris!

  8. Marcus Carneiro

    I wonder if you could put some pictures of the work in progress.

    Its cool to know what you actually worked on, but I think it would be much more interesting to see some zbrush screengrabs, or some topology, or even some specs on the main models, or a quick description of some specific method.

    Didn’t see the movie yet, but congratulations on the amazing work. Del Toro is an idol to me. People from the IdA miss you!

  9. Awesome work Sir

  10. Amazing work man, congratulation! I really loved this movie!

  11. que increíble esta, me encanta la película

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