Transformers: Dark of The Moon

My work on this one:

– Sideswipe Autobot – model
– Wheeljack Autobot (Albert Einstein alike robot) – model
– Hooligan Decepticon – model

– Decepticon Mothership (with some parts built initially by Howie, Philip and Rene, the model was assembled/modeled/finished by me) – model
– Optimus’ Jetpack (model started by Shawn and finished by me) – model
– Optimus’ Weapon Trailer – model


  1. Fabio Baldissera

    Parabens Kris, meu filho Caetano ja ‘e teu fã!

  2. não tenho oq falar dessa arte, e de abrir a boca, parabéns e um orgulho.

  3. Wow,it’s so awesome to see more work from person, who is responsible for some models from one of my favorite movie. I just love transformers and their models in all three movies.

  4. rodrigo

    Very nice Kris
    Epic Conclusion
    I just love the movie

  5. Rico Rodriguez

    Amazing work Kris!
    Espetácular trabalho Kris,você é uma grande inspiração para mim!

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