Pan’s Labyrinth

Shots breakdown

  • Stickbug: bug animation
  • Baby in the womb and flying bug: baby/womb modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and animation. Bug animation
  • Top view of the Labyrinth: faerie animation and facial rigging

Pan’s Labyrinth was a great little project. It was small budget, but the amount of cool work put on this movie was tremendous. Also, working with Everett Burrel as my VFX supervisor was a total blast. Guillermo Del Toro was also a pleasure to work with. I did mostly character animation (some shots of the stick bug and faeries), but I also did all the modeling/texturing/lighting/animation on the baby in the womb shot. I also created the facial rigging used on the faeries. Good times.

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  1. congratulations, I always loved this movie, and it made me want to see him again … and then the low budget projects always have more heart and soul…

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