If you’re curious to know more about what I’ve done on this movie, here is a short list of what to look for:

Hero characters:
– Waffles (the spiky looking horned toad) – model, displacement and facial shapes
– The Spirit of The West (Stylized Clint Eastwood) – model, displacement and facial shapes
– The Mayor (the old turtle on the wheelchair) – model, displacement and facial shapes
– The Roadrunners (a.k.a. the horses…) – final model/accessories, displacement and facial shapes
– I also did the displacement detail work on Roadkill’s face, which was a great model done by “Rock” and painted by Justin Holt.

Background characters:
– Curly (the barber) – model and facial shapes
– Boseefus (the young rodent with a mullet) – model
– Dynamite Kid (the rodent in the bucket, with a sling-shot) – model

I also did some work on the environment and props, modeling houses (watch shop, the barrel house, flat iron and the huge livery that gets destroyed by the hawk during the chase sequence) and accessories for some of the characters (golf club bags, clothes, hats, shoes, sunglasses for Kinski etc).

*Update: just got the DVD and grabbed a couple of screenshots to illustrate some of the models I worked on:

Directed and co-written by Gore Verbinski, Rango is a great western/comedy that just happens to be animated.  It has a ton of personality, thanks to the exceptionally twisted designs done by Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery and brilliantly executed by ILM, as one of the most realistic looking fully animated films to date . The fine details are all over it and are just mind-blowing. I’m so proud to be part of this incredible movie, together with a legion of very talented folks at ILM. Everyone should be VERY proud of the work done on it. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

So, together with some ILM folks and a lot of general public, I “officially” watched Rango with my wife Jessica yesterday at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco. Funny thing was that while I was waiting outside with my friend Sunny, I noticed the actor Danny Glover sitting right in front of us, eating some pop corn. I told Sunny “it’s Danny Glover”. He said “nooo… wait… it’s him!”. Not sure if he watched Rango though, but still a cool little fanboy fact…

I just want to say I had a BLAST! I’m really, REALLY proud of the work done by the whole team. It’s definitely the movie I’m the proudest to be part of, since I started in this industry back in 2004.

Unbelievable work by all supervisors. Tim Alexander did such an amazing job on this. All the nit-picking during dailies shows in the final product, that has to be seen to be believed! Detail wise, you had never seen anything like this in a fully animated movie, almost guaranteed. Textures, shaders, animation, models, FX, comp etc etc etc, it just look stunning, in my fully biased opinion. So, Tim, you’re THE MAN! Thank you.

Huge thanks to Geoff Campbell for being such an amazing model supervisor. All the trust he put in our hands with some very tricky characters. Things we had to learn together. Just priceless. Besides, Geoff is one of the kindest persons I’d ever met in my life. Thank you SO MUCH, Geoff!

Another HUGE thanks goes to John Knoll, who gave me the opportunity to work on a certain character called “The Spirit of The West”. Thank you so much for trusting me with that, John!

Thanks Hal Hickel for all the input on the animation side, making sure our models would be able to “act”.

An ENORMOUS thank you to Mark ‘Crash‘ McCreery for being such a kind, calm, brilliant artist. His concepts for this movie were out of this world and the way he helped us to translate those concepts into digital characters full of soul was amazing. So easy to work with someone like him and I just can’t wait for the next project. Also thanks to Aaron McBride and John Bell, our brilliant concept artists at ILM.

Thank you so much Justin Holt, for texturing my models, specially the Mayor and the Spirit of The West. Also, the monumental work he did on Rattlesnake Jake (modeled by Patrick Gagne) and the Roadkill (modeled by Rock). You’re a rock star man!

A huge thanks to Shawn Kelly for the animation done on the Spirit of The West. You brought it home, man!

Big thanks goes to Jung-Seung, Michael Koperwas and Sunny Wei, for being so supportive and helpful during the whole process. The ability to share and the gift of teaching is strong with these ones!

Thank you all involved on making my models look good on the big screen. TDs, riggers, FX artists, viewpainters, lookdev artists, animators etc etc etc. Definitely an incredible team effort. Also thanks to all managers, behind the scenes people, accountants, technical people that made sure this could be rendered, etc etc etc.

Last but not least, thank you Gore Verbinski for trusting us on this amazing and crazy project. You were the general in front of this army and obviously nothing of this would be possible without your genius work and ideas. This movie is truly a little master piece (and by little I mean, epic!)

Oh! My name in the credits was not too shabby either. For the first time it didn’t get lost in the crowd 😀

Verdict: go watch it now!

Watch it and pass the word around!



  1. Reginaldo

    Cara, sensacional todos seus trabalhos ! A anos venho tentando aprender 3d e modelagem, porem esse ano comecei uma empresa indie de games, no Brasil e já estamos no nosso segundo game. Apesar de ser level design dentro dessa empresa, quero aprender mais e mais sobre modelagem para poder fazer mais pela empresa, tenho estudado muito sobre Zbrush porem acho que me falta a famosa “veia” artística, porem seu site, sua trajetória e seu portfólio tem me inspirado mais e mais, ainda mais por ser um brasileiro que está entre os grandes artistas da industria, i.e ILM . Espero um dia, poder criar pelo menos 1% do que você cria, mesmo que para satisfação pessoal, pois já estou bem mais velho para trilhar um caminho profissional na área, porem pelo menos vou poder ajudar nosso modelador dentro da nossa “indie” company. No mais, muito sucesso e felicidades ! U rock dude !!

  2. LudoMC

    watched it on BluRay a few days ago. Just amazing! I laughed from second one to the end of the movie (with my abs hurting now, thank you!) 🙂
    Just one question which gives me headaches for days now. What movie is referenced in the second picture of the last line (on above screencaps)? I’ve been able to catch tons of references but unfortunately not this one!

    Thanks and bring us Rango 2 soon! 🙂
    (and sorry for the post on an old article 😉

  3. Really great job man, Congrats!

  4. Olá Kris, que trabalho espetacular!!! Eu acredito que foi extremamente estimulante, trabalhar toda essa gama de personagens e suas características distintas com um alto nível de realismo. O resultado final é fabuloso. Comprei o artbook do filme no qual não paro de olhar…haha! Poder estar aqui e compartilhar tudo isso, é muito inspirador.

    Saúde e sucesso sempre!


    Cristian Rio

  5. Olá Kris, obrigado por compartilhar conosco seu trabalho, você é uma referência para mim. Venho acompanhando seu trabalho há algum tempo, e a sua entrevista no 3d4all foi muito importante para eu tomar algumas decisões e investir na área de 3D, sei que estou começando tarde (tenho 33 anos) mas com dedicação e esforço posso conseguir.
    Abraços, Lincoln

  6. Cool stuff! I love having ILM so close by and seeing the great stuff coming out of there. Just wondering how long you would say each model took and how long you worked on the whole project. I work at a place that has ridiculous timelines and it’s always good for me to get a better perspective. For instance, we get 1 person for 20 days for each minute of animation – that’s modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, animation, and effects combined! 🙂 – nuts I know. Although what we do isn’t character animation.


  7. Muito obrigado Pixote! Fico feliz que você tenha curtido o filme!!!

  8. Este filme é fantástico e inspirador, estou à alguns anos acompanhado seu trabalho aqui do Brasil, é uma grande fonte de motivação para mim.
    Meus parabêns Kris.

  9. Roach

    Amazing work buddy. I just came across a tutorial you wrote for realistic eyeball modelling/texturing for 3d characters online. It was a great and simple one to follow as i’m all finished the modelling process of my first full character and thought i needed to spice up the eyes. Anyway i thought i’d check out your website and i’m sorry to say i had NO IDEA what i was getting myself into. lol. Your an amazing talent and your works just inspired me to not sleep tonight and keep on learning and working! haha. I look forward to your future work. Cheers!

  10. Hi Kris,

    First things first, so, Congratulations for being part of this incredible film. Just watched it yesterday, and it was totaly mind blowing.
    For sure ILM put a really great and talented team to work on it, and the result is really Amazing… For me, the best is on the subtle details, like the wet look at the everyone eye´s borders, the feathers, dust, and so…

    When the film ended, my nine years old sun told to me: “Pai, vamos fazer um filme desse um dia.”

    I saw your name on the ending credits, and it is truly inspirational to us (me).

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing so much information about this film.

  11. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the nice words, Fabio! That event was cool, thanks to Francisco for making it possible! Some great lighting/comp on your reel as well. Keep it up!

  12. I knew that getting your autograph many many years ago (at a cadritech convention in Brazil )would pay off! Then I tought of you as a great artist. Now I think you are among the top artist in your field! Thank you so much for giving me your autograph and being someone to look after and so inspiring for my career!

  13. You’re too kind my friend! Thanks, Paras! 🙂

  14. Awsome Kris.love your work.u are my idol.Thank you fr the inspiration. 🙂

  15. da hora, cara..parabens!

  16. Good Job Chris!
    I can’t wait to see your models in the movie.

  17. That will surely be an amazing movie to watch. Can´t wait to see it!
    Thanks for sharing all the info about what you´ve done!

    Best regards,


  18. Katie Stumpp

    That is soooo cool!!


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